Reclaim Emotional & Physical Freedom in your life!


   The body achieves what the mind believes.

Does your body have dis-ease or imbalances?

Is your inner self sabotaging your success?

Tired of chasing or covering symptoms?


Release what is keeping you from health, relationships, financial success, and spiritual balance.  Uncover the root causes of pain, sickness, and imbalances in your mind, body, and soul.  Let the healing begin today!





Your body has an incredible, innate ability to bounce back and heal itself from all kinds of stress, trauma, and illness.  This self-healing ability is dependent on the right conditions; if your body is imbalanced, it won't be able to heal itself as well as it should.  Imbalance allows problems to build up over time.  Most people are in this kind of state and suffering in some way, but the good news is that this process is often completely reversible.

Every kind of imbalance that is affecting your body can be found in The Body Code.  Rejuvenate You's certified practitioner has been trained to find and remove each imbalance, one by one.  This is the most direct and powerful way to make conditions right for healing;  when your body is balanced, you'll experience better health.  



Ready to break free from your physical or emotional symptoms?  You have come to the right place.

Reduce stress, remove barriers, and overcome issues that are keeping you from experiencing life to the fullest.

  Start today!

"I have more energy and less pain.

I feel like my depression has been helped tremendously."

Rejuvenate You can help identify and remove the imbalances

contributing to any of the following problems:





Eating Disorders

Panic Attacks




Heart Walls




Chronic Fatigue




Learning Disabilities






Asthma/Sinus Issues

Back Pain

Bed Wetting

Blood Pressure

Carpal Tunnel


Digestion Problems




Hormonal Problems


Joint/Knee Pain

Obesity/Weight Issues



Skin Problems


Thyroid Problems

Rejuvenate You helps you reclaim a balanced, healthy lifestyle and overcome issues that are keeping you from experiencing life to the fullest.  You are in the right place if you have feelings of frustration with your symptoms, depletion, or disconnection from yourself and those around you...with a sick feeling that you aren't living the life you are meant to live. Rejuvenate You helps you rebalance your Mind, Body, and Soul in a way that is unique to you and what you are going through.  

Frequent Questions


How do I schedule?


Call or email Rejuvenate You~see below form.

1 hour (preferred)or 1/2 hour sessions may be made.

Sessions may be held via the phone or video connection. 

Those who live locally may be seen in the office.


Clear your schedule and eliminate distractions so your full attention (and mine) can be dedicated to rejuvenating you.

how does it work?

Energy is in everything and is everywhere, created by God the Creator.

Through Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) I can connect with you by proxy or in-person (if you live locally).  Your subconscious mind is the ultra-intelligent computer system of your body.  It knows exactly what you need in order to achieve balance in the six key areas of health -Energies (emotion), Circuitry, Toxicity, Pathogens, Structural, and Nutrition/Lifestyle.

Give it a try, it works!




When and how do I pay?


Payment is due with the first session.

Package options are available.  

Payment options include PayPal, VenMo Square, Google Pay(debit card) or if local by cash/check.  All transactions are in US dollars.

Clients have commented pricing is reasonable.


Does insurance cover or pay for coaching or energy work?


Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this service.  It may be covered under some health flex plans.

Ready for results and to reclaim balance?

Call or email now for your free 10-minute consultation
and begin to Rejuvenate You!

Connect with Rejuvenate You on:   

Phone 218.244.9580

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