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    Reclaim Emotional & Physical Freedom in your life!


Ready to rejuvenate your emotional, physical,

or spiritual well-being

and release issues that are keeping you

from experiencing life to the fullest?

  Start today!










Are others or your inner self sabotaging your success?

Do you experience dis-ease or imbalances in your body?


Tired of chasing or covering symptoms?








Now is the time to Rejuvenate You!


Successful Girl

"Everything is energy, frequency and vibration."

~Nicola Tesla

Rejuvenate You may help identify and release energetic imbalances

from emotional, physical or lifestyle issues including, but not limited to:



Decreased Confidence

Depressed Mood

Eating Challenges

Emotional Stress


Heart Walls


 Physical Stress


Addictive Behaviors

Career Blocks


Decreased Energy

Financial Mindset

Learning Blocks

Pets of any kind


Sleep Issues


Allergic reactions

Back Issues

Blood sugar regulation

Breathing Issues

Conception Issues

Digestion Issues


Hormonal Issues




Joint Pain

Obesity/Weight Issues

Skin Issues


Unexplained Pain

Rejuvenate You will provide you tools to help you reclaim a balanced, healthy lifestyle and overcome issues or symptoms that are keeping you from experiencing life to the fullest. 


Rejuvenate You will work towards helping you rebalance your Mind, Body, and Soul in a way that is unique to you and what you are going through.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Energy is in everything and is everywhere, I believe, created by God the Creator of all things.

Through applied kinesiology (muscle testing) your practitioner is able to connect with you 

by proxy (if you are out of state) or in-person (if you live locally).  

Your subconscious brain is the ultra-intelligent "computer system" of your body. 

It knows exactly what energy is imbalanced and needs to be released in order to achieve balance.

The subconscious brain guides the practitioner through the Emotion Code, Body Code or Belief Code programs

to identify the imbalance. 

The practitioner uses a combination of tools and methods to release the impact or weight

of the energy on your mind, body or spirit.

Clients are awake and sit through the session


How do I schedule?


Call or email Rejuvenate You~see form below


1-hour sessions are preferred

Sessions may be held via the phone or video connection. 

Those who live locally may be seen in the office.


Clear your schedule and eliminate distractions so your full attention (and mine) may be dedicated to rejuvenating you.


When and how do I pay?


Payment is due with the first session.

Package options are available.  

Payment options include:

PayPal, Venmo, Square,

Google Pay (debit card)

or if local by cash/check.  All transactions are in US dollars.

Clients have commented pricing is reasonable.


Does insurance cover or pay for coaching or energy work?


Unfortunately, insurance does not cover Rejuvenate You's services. 


Check to see if coaching may be covered under your health flex plans.

Ready for results and to reclaim balance?

Call, text, or email now for your free 10-minute consultation
and begin to Rejuvenate You!

Thanks! Message sent.

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